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Dua pillow with lights and sounds in Blue Color

Dua pillow with lights and sounds in Blue Color

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  • More than just a pillow,
    Your child listens to short Surah’s (chapters) from the Quran and Dua’s (supplications) with a soothing voice, suitable for bedtime,

    With gentle lighting for a peaceful sleep and to see sweet dreams.

    Press the Quran: To hear a soothing recitation.
    Press the moon: To hear a bedtime prayer (Dua).
    Press the note: To hear the Pillars of Islam (without musical instruments).
    Press the sun: To hear the waking up prayer (Dua).
    Press the star: To hear the etiquettes of eating and drinking.
    Press the lamp: To control the lighting.
    Press the speaker: To control the volume.

This soft and wonderful huggable toy comes with safe LED lights,
Perfect for the child's bed and a peaceful sleep.

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